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Soft Tissue Therapy

Soft tissue therapy is the manipulation of soft tissue to improve the body's function, mobility & boost performance. Soft tissue therapy can also help reduce pain & promote recovery.

Muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia (a connective tissue) make up the body's soft tissue

Soft tissue therapy treatment employs 

Sports Massage 

Deep Tissue Massage

 Muscle Energy Techniques (MET)

Trigger Point Therapy

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation (IASTM)

Active Fascial Release

Exercise Programme to Support Treatment


Soft tissue therapy & sports massage has proven benefits in aiding the reduction of pain & discomfort that can occur during sports performance as a result of sports injury, lifestyle or occupation. Soft tissue therapy can be used to help prevent injuries due to muscle fatigue and relieve conditions caused by chronic pain. Soft tissue therapy can also have great benefits following an accident or serious injury by lowering the chances of poor scar tissue formation that may develop into reduced or painful movement patterns 


Injuries to muscles and soft tissue can have a great effect on your ability to work, play, perform and lead a pain free lifestyle. These injuries may prevent you from participating in your favourite sport whether triathlon, football or rugby, cause you pain and discomfort when putting your coat or shoes on as well as psychological effects 


Soft tissue therapy also plays a role in injury prevention by ensuring muscle and soft tissue fibres stay in good condition and maintain there full range of movement which has a positive effect on your posture and overall mobility        

"I had been in pain for two years with my back after being knocked off my bike. After a couple of sessions the pain had gone, I have regular sessions now to maintain my level. I would highly recommend because the quality of professionalism is exceptional" 

> A. Huckin

Long Term Back Injury


Focusing on joint movement & muscle function to improve your body's overall mobility. Whether your goal is peak sports performance or discomfort free day to day living. 


Nicky will assess your individual needs and come up with a treatment and maintenance plan to keep you progressing toward your goals using a variety of soft tissue and massage techniques.   

Conditions Soft Tissue Therapy can benefit are: 

  • Relieve muscle pain, spasms and imbalances  

  • Improve body movement & flexibility 

  • Facilitate injury recovery

  • Shortened recovery time post sports performance

  • Improved posture   

  • Injury prevention & promote a feeling of wellbeing 

  • Reduce stress & tension

  • Aid post-surgery recovery

  • Optimise tissue formation following Strains & Sprains 

  • Boost performance




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